Enjoy the Experience


This year for Spring Splash, ASPB is making active efforts to revamp our safety measures…

For the first time ever and in line with common UC campus practices, ALL UCR students will be required to complete a safety module PRIOR to attending Spring Splash. All students that do not complete this module will NOT be allowed entry into the venue.

There will be an email confirmation that will be sent to your UCR email after completion of the module. Please bring your R’Card and the confirmation with you to the Spring Splash entrances to gain entry into the venue. Note that your R’Card and confirmation name must match.

Click here to take the module!


Wellness Center at Spring Splash

If you’re in need of immediate support and resources at Spring Splash, check out the Wellness Zone located at the Bell Tower. Stop by for information regarding safety, health & wellness and support from a CARE Advocate.