Frequently Asked Questions

how do i enter spring splash?

All current UCR students must bring their valid R’Card and completed Highlander Safety Module confirmation email (on your phone) to be permitted into the venue.

What is the Highlander Safety Module and where can I complete it?

This Highlander Safety Module is to bring awareness to the importance of consent and the dangers of alcohol and drugs which are prohibited at Spring Splash.

The module MUST be completed by ALL students PRIOR to going to Spring Splash here.

where can i buy guest tickets for non-ucr students?

Spring Splash 2019 will be Highlander Exclusive and there will be NO guest ticket sales this year.

Are uc riverside alumni allowed to attend?

Alumni are not allowed to attend. ONLY current UCR students are allowed (+ Winter ’19 Graduates)

can graduate and extension students attend?

Yes. Graduate & extension students are allowed to enter but they also MUST complete the Highlander Safety Module.

What can I bring into the event?

  • Your R'Card and completed module confirmation are your ticket in! MUST HAVE BOTH TO ENTER!

  • If you forget or lose your R'Card, iLearn verification will not be available.

  • An empty, reusable water bottle for the free water filling station.

  • Eat food and stay hydrated throughout the day with water to avoid heat exhaustion and dehydration.

  • Your charged cell phone! write down a friend's number (with a sharpie on your hand or arm) in case you lose your phone.

  • Money for food trucks (dining dollars, bear bucks, cash, and credit cards accepted)

  • Beginning Friday, May 3rd, the Bank of America ATM will not be available. The ATMs located near the 1st floor of the HUB (Chase, Wells Fargo, and Schools First Credit Union) will still be available up to and during the event.

What CAN'T I bring into the event?

The following items will not be allowed into the venue:

  • NO glass bottles or open containers including plastic water bottles

  • NO backpacks, duffle bags, large purses larger than 15X18”

  • NO blankets

  • NO chains/chain wallets

  • NO knives or weapons or any kind including water guns

  • NO drugs/alcohol or illegal substances

  • NO chairs of any kind or tents

  • NO video cameras or professional media equipment or audio recording devices

  • NO drones

  • NO bicycles, skateboards and scooters

  • NO pets/animals (unless guide/assistant animals)

  • NO laser pointers

  • NO outside food

  • NO flags or totems

  • NO selfie sticks

  • NO bota bags or flasks

Other items not listed here may be confiscated if it is deemed potentially harmful/destructive to others.

once i enter the venue and leave, will i be able to re-enter the venue?

No, in’s and out’s will not be allowed once you are inside. You have to stay until you are ready to leave.

what if i get hungry during spring splash?

There will be plenty of food options inside the venue!

When is the latest i can enter the event?

Entrances will close at 6:30PM.

No one will be allowed to enter the venue even with an R’Card and completed module confirmation after 6:30PM.

Is the event for all ages?

All attendees must be 17 years old or older to attend. 

It's going to be hot this day, can I bring in a water bottle?

Empty water bottles (plastic or refillable) are ok! We will have free water stations located inside of the venue for you to fill up your water bottle

Where is the entrance to spring splash located? Are there multiple entrances?

The one and only entrance into Spring Splash is located on the Student Services lawn in between the Student Services Building and Sproul Hall.

Where do I park and is it free?

All students may park in LOT 30 if they have a valid parking permit.

What if I lose something or find something at spring splash?

During the concert, the ASPB Info Canopy (located at the Bell tower) will be lost and found. After the concert, UCPD will have all the lost items for you to retrieve.

Are animals allowed?

ONLY service animals are allowed into the venue. No support animals are allowed. For questions about accessibility or to request an accommodation, please email

What if my question is not listed here?

Feel free to ask any question at We will make every attempt to answer your question.